Know how to get the Mac Address that helps in WhatsApp hacking

whatsapp account hacker

You definitely know that the mobile phones today are of two types, the first being the phones that run on the Android operating system and the other is classified as the iPhones that use the IOS software. Well, the WhatsApp account would work on both the phones and is available as the executable app in the Google store or the App store that is available in each of these phone types. So, the first thing that you should know about the phone that is being used by the person of whose you should get WhatsApp hacker is the type of software that their phone is running on.

Once you know this information, you should then proceed with the next steps of knowing the MAC address on each of these phone types. For the Android phones you should navigate through settings and then to “About Device” option and from there “Status” option and finally the “Wi-Fi Mac Address”. On the iPhones the sequence is slightly different, the path starts with the Settings but then you should switch to the “General” Options and then go to the “About” section and from there find the “Wi-Fi address”.

Once you have this address you could easily spoof the MAC address that would help you do the WhatsApp Hack in the easy steps so that you could enjoy reading all the chat messages that are related to the target person. Once you know these details you could install the WhatsApp account on your phone with the same details and the rest of the process would be taken care automatically without having to bother you. Almost you would be able to get every single message once you follow this process and thus could read the mind of the person who is your target.

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