How to Use a PayPal Money Generator

If you want to gain electronic cash without much difficulty, then using the PayPal community Money Generator might be suitable for you. Hundreds of websites promise extra funds in exchange for a survey or a small fee but new versions of PayPal money adders are hassle-free. Here are the steps you need in using this free hack tool:

Payment Details

1. Enter your PayPal e-mail address on a slot. Be sure to double check your email address to avoid sending the item to another person and waste effort. Although the money is free, using the tool has limited usage. Only actual and confirmed PayPal accounts can receive the funds.

2. Confirm your e-mail address. The second slot is usually a confirmation of your e-mail address. Again double check your information to avoid errors upon processing. Sometimes websites pick up on error hits and have trouble going through the transaction on that particular account.

3. Input your desired additional amount. Most free PayPal Money Generator have small amount caps. Since these sites or tools are money transfers, build-in security features are often added by developers to fend off other hackers. Frequent errors on the tool might trigger a red flag and invalidate the user’s account. You may have to answer a survey, like, post, share and do a few of other things.

Word of Caution:

  •  Legitimate and working websites often only ask for basic information about your PayPal account. If the site asks you to share sensitive information, then there’s a big chance that it might be a scam, malware or phishing site.
  • If your account has been breached or has malfunctioned for no particular reason, try using it in another site or tool or re-try logging in after clearing cache and cookies on the browser. If it still doesn’t work, contact PayPal to check the status of your funds and account, change your passwords and raise your security because your account might be hacked.

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